Finishing the week with an eye-catching look and some statement print. 

The second half of June didn't seem please town and its citizens with sunny and warm weather. On the contrary, pretty cold and rainy days were experienced lately. Luckily I have biker coat with me just in case, well, this exact case. Though I did blame myself for not taking a pair of biker boots that was so much needed these days, there is, actually, a lot of stuff I found needed that I didn't put in my suitcase. But that is another story. So I was longing to wear this dress for a long-long-long time. Black tights and strapped heels helped me to create this gorgeous outfit. I have to point out that the heels look tremendous with black tights making  legs look way longer and slender. Taking a note of this as an option for cold weather. As I put more emphasis on the outfit, nothing much was needed for make-up and hairstyle, nude-look and simple bun. 

Look of the Day:
Ginger Fizz modern baroque shift dress
Oasis biker coat
Asos TRADE sandal boots
H&M sunglasses
River Island heart ring
New Look cross body bag