Timeless classics. The kind of style that, I guess, will never lose its relevance. 

I've always loved classics. And skirts. And high heels. There used to be times, when I was wearing only skirts and dresses. Was so sick and tired of jeans, this peace of wardrobe felt really unfeminine. Moreover, there were times, when I could wear heels like 24/7. Literally. It was the time of high school. Somehow I got back to jeans and trousers, it's an essential part of my wardrobe now. I think that over the last year jeans and flat shoes became my daily routine - comfortable and urban thing, perfect for university. But classics are classics. Silky top, elegant red skirt, court shoes, pearls and bag with chain shoulder strap. Isn't that the definition of true femininity?
I put all mentioned above together and look what it turned to be. To tell the truth, when I created this look in my mind it first had white flat sandals, Mango ones. But the look seemed to be way too simple. I didn't really want to wear these court shoes before the graduation ceremony. I thought I'll only try it on, just to see how it all looks together. It was magical. As if the shoes were made specially for this outfit. Some curls and red lipstick got involved. The other two things that undoubtedly suit me.

Look of the Day:
Cubus paisley print top
Atmosphere skirt
Zara court shoes with asymmetric strap
Reserved necklace
New Look cross body bag