Boy meets girl. Or girl meets boy. Whatever you like. 

Quite an interesting combination with some masculine touch. Oversized blazer, plaid shirt and rolled up jeans. This look reminds more of a "new school" nerd, who grew up from his jeans and is already trying to wear dads, or older brothers, blazer, that's why it seems oversized. Natural look make-up still makes the look undefined, in terms of genders. If I used some sort of bright lipstick or made accent on my eyes, we would define make-up as more feminine and the look would turn to be more bold. And I was not aiming to get such an impression. To add a slight touch of femininity I made a light waved hairstyle and added straw bowler hat with small cat ears. 
P.S. Apart from my one and only photographer (and mother) Tatjana Egorova, several photos were shot by incredibly talented Marina Tachinska.

Look of the Day:
Mango super skinny jeans
Reserved straw bowler hat