And again animal print - stripes combination. 

More sport-ish and dynamic option. Good idea for a weekend. Tell me, what can be better than comfortable jeans and a pair of Converse? I guess only pajamas. But it's not about this. I'm talking about a comfortable yet not boring combination. I already mentioned last time that a mix of animal print and stripes makes the look more interesting. And that's true. In this case both, striped top and tube-scarf, happened to be of the same color tones. What am I saying, beige-and-brown colors are dominating in this look. To finish it off and add more dynamism I did gather my hair in a bun.

Look of the Day:
Cubus striped top
Cubus bleached jeans
Reserved Collection faux leather/suede jacket
H&M sunglasses
New Look cross body bag