Warm and sunny Summer evening. Forest park. And a girl. 

I just adore this "Dzintari" forest park in Jurmala. It was created some time ago and gained popularity among citizens and guests. The park is perfect for active leisure lovers, who can go for rollerblading and cycling, play some basketball, as well as for those, who are seeking for a relaxing time. By the way, there is a sightseeing tower that is 36 metres high! I've tried to go up  numerous times, but my acrophobia is stronger than me. Everything would be fine, if stairs were not latticed, I mean transparent, but the fact that you can see through it just leads me into a state of panic. It's quite strange to hear such stuff from myself, as I spent last year living on the 28th floor of a 33 storey building and every day, every morning and every night, I was enjoying my perfect view of London. And the tower in a forest park "Dzintari" seems to become an impregnable fortress fro me. But one day I will go up. For sure. I will take precedence over my fear and look at Jurmala from above. Actually, I think, that the park is an ideal place to escape from the crowd that comes together on the main street of the city. That's what I did. It was Jomas street festival, so the main street and all beach were crowded with people, who were eager to grasp their portion of the sun. I, in turn, was wandering through the park in a chiffon maxi dress, in a so-called lady peasant style, which was accompanied by a hat and a small straw handbag.

Look of the Day:
Traffic People chiffon maxi dress
Mango T-bar flat sandals
H&M Panama straw hat
H&M sunglasses