Tuesday. 6 am. London. A cup of coffee and my favorite view ever. 

Don't not why, but early mornings became a usual thing for me. You know, it's so cool to have a cup of coffee and watch how the town wakes up. Especially, when you live on the 28th floor. But nothing lasts forever and tomorrow I'm gonna say goodbye to my dreamy view.
My university life officially finished yesterday. These 3 years passed unbelievably quickly. So many emotions, thoughts and memories. I still can't realize that I'm a graduate now. I guess I will realize it only in a couple of months. One morning I will wake up and there will be no lectures in my life anymore. Daily university routine will be replaced by daily working one. But about all that I want to talk later, when the right post and the right time will come.
Today I want to share some bits of my graduation ceremony look. Well, during the ceremony we were wearing robes, so, basically, this is half of the look. I started thinking about my graduation outfit months ago. The only thing I knew was that it should be something elegant and feminine. I didn't want to have anything complicated, like the dress I had for my school prom. By the way, I tried it on and should say that my tastes changed so much over the past 3 years. So, I went for outfit-hunting in Riga. Need to say that it took me, literally, ages to find a dress and shoes. It was a nightmare. Trust me. Especially, with shoes. Stores either have no classical shapes or nude colors, or even my size is out of stock. What I learnt from my retail course, is that you re-order the stuff if it sells out well. Seems like nude colored heels in size 38 (UK 5) are quite popular among Latvian women, but no one did a replenishment. Even the ones I got from Zara were the last pair of my size in town! But Zara has a completely different strategy, so need to say - I was lucky to get this heels. It's a mix of classics and fashion. Even a better option. What about the dress? It's very feminine. The style of the dress and mint color is something that really suits me, no doubt. Mix of fabrics and trimming of the top with little beads made it even better. And all that, shoes and dress, I did accompany with pearls. As there is not better accessories that pearls, to make the outfit look truly elegant. 

Reserved skater skirt dress
Zara court shoe with asymmetric strap 
Emeralda pearl necklace
Chanel 6 eye shadow collection 
Dior makeup palette