Half of the Summer already passed. Am I wrong?  

I couldn't believe my own eyes this morning, when I took my phone and saw the date - July 20th. It seems like July just started. What am I saying?! It feels like the first day of June was just yesterday. Time flies so so quickly. I bet that each of us had moments, when he or she felt that time goes unbelievably slow. As if you are experiencing a slow motion moment. I had a couple of such moments not that long ago. Somehow everything gets back to normal on its own. Looking back helps you realize that such moments are negligible comparing to your life as a whole. You know what conclusion I came to? Enjoy the moment. It can be good or bad. But no matter what enjoy it and learn the lesson that life gives you. I didn't know it before, but, as they say, it's better late than never.  
Talking about the midsummer... It's the period of a real real super-real Summer. As far as I remember myself, mid-July have always been sunny and hot. Now what can be a perfect combination for the top of Summer? I believe that shorts and stripes can be the one. Today's look is the best proof. So we have white shorts with wrap over and striped blouse, what else? White flat sandals. Ok. Cross body bag with chained shoulder strap. Ok. Oh, lets do a bun hairstyle to make the look more dynamic? Done! We are ready to go.

Look of the Day:
Reserved striped blouse
Zara wrap over shorts
Mango T-strap sandals
H&M sunglasses
New Look cross body bag