Chilly evening in the streets of beloved Old Town. 

Finally, last week I found some time to visit another great exhibition by Alexandre Vassiliev "Rebellion in a Boudoir". Unfortunately, this year I didn't have a chance to visit the opening, as it took place in May, exactly at the time when I was having all the deadlines in university. Oh well. At least during this visit not many people were around and I had some peaceful time exploring the fashion of the 1970s. The post about the "Rebellion in a Boudoir" will be ready next week or so. Meanwhile, here is the outfit I was wearing that day. I would describe it as dynamic and intricate, as it has various contrasting pieces. It's animal print and trousers in print, bright semi-transparent bowler bag and statement necklace. All together it looks pretty interesting.

Look of the Day:
TOPSHOP trousers in print
Reserved Collection faux leather/suede jacket
HOLLY&WHYTE animal print loafers
PIER AMIRA statement necklace