I'm officially obsessed with hats. 

I have already declared my love towards straw hats. Well, this one a completely new story. While straw hats will go well with some simple combinations, such type of hats will look great with casual combinations, as well as elegant outfits and even with something refined. Moreover, such hat can be worn throughout the year. As they say, in Winters and in Summers... This piece of headwear has been resting up in my wardrobe since January, yeah-yeah, I wore it once, back in a cold first month of the year, and did hide it away. But the time has come and the hat turned to be one of my favorites. And that's how I mixed it up - with simple in style and neutral colored stuff. Turned to be very elegant. And very Parisian-like.

Look of the Day:
Atmosphere blouse
Asos embossed pencil skirt with zips
Reserved Collection faux leather/suede jacket
H&M flats
Aldo necklace
New Look croc print flap saddle