Perfect print combination. Stripes and florals. 

Well, well, well. It's official now. I moved back to my hometown. It means that I'm not coming back to London any time soon. At least, I don't have it in my plans. I've made this decision months ago and even for me it was quite unexpected. Not that many people knew about it. I wasn't sure. Until recent times. But then I realised that you either follow your heart or you follow your head. Just like that. And, if you still can cheat with your mind and say "this is the best possible decision, these are my pros and cons, and blah blah blah", you can't cheat with your heart. So... as simple as that... I decided to follow my heart. You know, to make Riga a starting point of my career is not such a crazy idea...
Almost 100kg of my stuff arrived this week from London. No, I'm not going to talk about my "moving stuff" experience. Just for the note, prior to my departure back in May I got rid of half of my things. Therefore, only the most important ones arrived to Riga. At the moment I'm going crazy, as I still haven't unpacked properly. But it feels good to have all my clothes, shoes, bags and accessories in one town! I guess, I completely forgot what it is to live in one city. Now I'm fully ready both for rain and for snow.
Talking about Summer. For this season I'm always ready. Even if it's as hot, as it was this month. Top, shorts and flat sandals. Pretty simple combination. It were prints that made it look bright and interesting. Or to be precise, its mix. Mixing prints is a great way to add a new touch to your everyday looks. Contrasting prints, contrasting colors or both together. Choose. Experiment. And enjoy Summer!

Look of the Day:
Vintage striped top
Forever21 floral print shorts
H&M blazer
Mango T-strap flat sandals
H&M sunglasses