"So many people look, but they don't see." - Paul Smith. 

I decided to start this post with a quote from one of the leading British designers and, in general, an intelligent man. I became acquainted with the work and career of Paul Smith, when I was writing an assignment about his company. By the way, Smith's career as a designer started in the 70's, so he's not just a casual passer-by, he is one of those designers, who took part in this "boudoir rebellion".
Lets go back to the quote and the topic of the post. Expression can be interpreted in many different ways. In general, it's about evaluating the overall picture and details. Many people look, for example, at the outfit or a thing entirely, not paying attention to the details, especially the small ones. But everything is made of such details - seams, buttons in different shapes, intricate or, conversely, simple embroidery, studs, etc. All our daily looks consist of such pieces. And what about accessories? Shoes, bags, belts, necklaces, scarves, hats, sunglasses. All these are details, which, when put together in a harmonious combination, will create an entire look. 
Now then. I made a separate post about details in order to draw your, and even my own, attention to the details of the fashion of the 1970-s. I guess you will agree that this is a real craftsmanship of designers and stylists. And don't forget about the mastership of Alexandre Vassiliev, who discovers these things and using own experience selects only the best ones, which can be presented to the audience.
More pictures from the "Rebellion In A Boudoir" exhibition and story about the 1970-s fashion can be found HERE. Stay tuned, as tomorrow we will talk about footwear of this rebellious decade.

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Photos: T. Egorova