Alexandre Vassiliev. Who else can be named the main rebellion of modern time? Alexandre is not running to keep up with modern trend, on the contrary, he stays true to his own style. 

Alexandre Vassiliev brought his new exhibition to Riga this May, the name he gave to it is really interesting - "Rebellion In A Boudoir". It would seem, what kind of rebellion could it be? This rebellion is called fashion of the 1970-s. Time, when several styles came into fashion - hippie, folk, safari, retro, disco, glam rock, punk... All the styles are still relevant. You can easily meet a girl dressed in a hippie or folk style in the streets of your own city. Or even in punk style - ripped jeans, leather jacket and tartan shirt. Designers, in turn, are turning to the 70-s period for inspiration. But all this is just an interpretation of those times. Now the world is exposed to different social unrests, music that comes from the speakers is completely different, even our approach to fashion is not the same anymore.
Back in those 1970-s it was disco music that gave rise to disco style - tight suits, jumpsuits, shiny trims, flared trousers and form fitting shirts. Glam rock style, just like disco one, found its origin in the music industry. But in this case it was rock band it their leaders, who dictated trends. Glam rock does combine incongruous pieces - variety of colors, fabrics and accessories.
Cinema also had an impact on the 70-s fashion. Movies about 1920-s - 1940-s made people feel nostalgic about pre-war fashion, thereby vintage became an important and integral part of fashionistas wardrobe.
The main stylistic direction of the "rebellious era" was hippie style. "Flower Children" came from the United States, literally taking the whole world, and were the result of the Vietnam War. Long hair for both sexes, unisex style clothing, ethnic jewelry and embroidery - all are the basics of the hippie style. And don't forget that hippies were standing for freedom. Freedom in everything. That's how topless trend was born. Hippie movement caused an interest towards folk costume. Therefore, ruffled skirts, rustic style dresses, small floral prints and wide brim straw hats became relevant.
The last style, which I already mentioned in the beginning of the post, is punk style. It, like many other XXth century youth styles, emerged at the foggy Albion, namely, London. British teenagers introduced leather, plaid, padded shoulders, metal details, super shorts hairstyles and bright hair colors to fashion. 
According to the fashion historian, "Rebellion in a boudoir is kaleidoscope of colors, shapes and ideas. This is the victory of style over fashion in the revolutionary era of changes in arts and culture of clothing." This is a revolution that gave the world diversity of styles and freedom of self-expression.

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What? Exhibition "Rebellion In A Boudoir. Fashion of the 1970s"
Where? Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (Riga)
When? 15 May - 27 July 2014

Photos: T. Egorova