"You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet." - Christian Dior. 

As I promised, today we will a bit of attention to footwear of the 1970-s. I decided to do a separate post about shoes of those time just because shoes of that period are quite diverse. As I said in one of the previous posts, a set of styles were relevant to the period of 1970-s - hippie, folk, retro, disco, glam rock and punk. Each of the mentioned styles can be characterized by its own kind of shoes.
For example, such style as folk introduced wooden sabot shoes, or clogs, to fashion, which used to be an integral part of national costume of European countries. Not that long ago, clogs made it back to the fashion world, by conquering a place in young fashionistas hearts and their wardrobes. Retro style, in turn, made platform shoes popular again, a very interesting point is that this type of footwear became popular among women and men. And another example, shoes that are typical for disco style. I believe that disco shoes are not hard to notice, gloss or color that easily gets your attention is the main feature here.
When I was exploring the exhibition, I vaguely heard a story about this period. It was a documentary about the 1970-s era in Latvian SSR, it was presented by Latvian National Archives specially for the exhibition. I'm not going to recount the whole movie to you, but the fact, which remained in my mind is that the period of 1970-s saw a huge amount of injuries. Who would have thought that the main reason for that were shoes! Bruises, sprains, fractures - all these were consequences of trying to keep up with fashion. It's now that we, girls, got super lazy and give preference to comfortable flat shoes. Flats, loafers, sneakers, sandals. Be honest, how many pairs do you have? I have a lot, like a lot. But I have a lot of heels and wedges as well. Though, it's impossible to walk in high heels all day, no matter how convenient it may seem at first. How could the 70-s girls "parade" in sabot shoes all day long? The only thing I would like to say... O tempora! O mores! 
Images from the "Rebellion In A Boudoir" exhibition and a story about the 1970-s fashion can be found HERE, while the more closer look on the details HERE. The last post from the series "Rebellion In A Boudoir" is coming tomorrow, in which we will talk about such accessory, as sunglasses.

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Photos: T. Egorova