"To me, eyewear goes way beyond being a prescription. It's like makeup. It's the most incredible accessory. The shape of a frame or the color of lenses can change your whole appearance." - Vera Wang. 

In my opinion, designer Vera Wang outlined the importance of such an accessory as sunglasses in the best possible way. Glasses, both simple and sunnies, has long gone beyond its original purpose. You don't necessary need to have poor eyesight to wear glasses. You want to create an image of an intellectual person? Glasses will help you with this! And what about sunglasses? Are they still used as protection from the sun? Not always. Sunglasses have long became a fashion accessory. Often, quite an important one. Fashionistas manage to use this accessory in their everyday outfits throughout the year, even during Winter. You can easily lose your head in all this variety of shapes, colors and brands that are available for modern society. To find a perfect pair of sunnies that will fit you, in general, is trifling thing.
This post is the last in the "Rebellion In A Boudoir" series. Why I made one more post and why it is dedicated to sunglasses? I believe that the topic of sunglasses as a part of the 1970-s fashion is quite interesting, just like topics about details and shoes. Even such a simple accessory can tell a lot about its decade. What an abundance of shapes, colors and sizes! Just look closely at these photos! And how cool do these presented outfits look, when they are accompanied by sunglasses. To tell the truth, I liked a couple of the sunglasses that were presented at the exhibition. The others pushed me to the idea - why not create a look that will be inspired by the fashion of the 1970-s?
As this is the last post about Alexandre Vassiliev's exhibition and the fashion of the 1970-s, I would like to draw a conclusion. Fashion of the "boudoir rebellion" is quite diversified and colorful. Fashion of the 70-s gave us a lot of interesting styles that are relevant to this day.
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Photos: T. Egorova