Black and white look for the "Art Summer by Lilit" event. 

Summer suit. Designers and fashion magazines has been urging us for couple of seasons now to get at least one. Short suit is an ideal replacement for pantsuit and even a dress. If it's too hot outside to wear pantsuit and you simply don't want to wear a dress, then you should consider an option with shorts. Comfortable and elegant at the same time. And you can combine it with high heels or flat shoes.
My suit is a combination of wrap over shorts and classic jacket, both from different brands. But together it looks like a suit. I added top with bold animal print and open heeled shoes to this suit. You might wonder, why I didn't choose classical court shoes? It's pretty easy, court shoes would made the whole look more rigorous and simple. But these shoes with straps, on the contrary, are quite bold.
In general, the look is pretty interesting, despite the fact that it consists of black and white palette. The model of shorts and print on a top even added a twist to this monochrome combination.

Look of the Day:
Asos top with sexy cowl in oversized animal print
H&M blazer
Zara wrap over shorts
Asos TRADE sandal boots
H&M sunglasses
PEACHES BOUTIQUE Chanel style Iphone case 
New Look crossbody bag