Playing with colors, playing with cropped top. 

It feels so good sometimes to find something interesting in my dimensionless wardrobe. And if this thing is a trend, it's just like a jackpot. So it happened with this cropped top. I can't even remember how old I was, when I was wearing the top for the last time, but all I wanted since then, was to get rid of it, I would constantly put it in a heap of things with the name "give away" and I always did take it out the last moment. Whether it was fate, whether it was my intuition, but the cropped top wasn't destined to leave me. It obviously knew that the time will come and it will become a part of bright and stylish outfit.
I've been resisting the trend called "cropped top" for a long time. It's not really my style to run around the city with bare belly. And the this top started to fall out of my closet, accidentally. And I gave up. As they say, an attempt is not a torture. An attempt, by the way, was successful. Cropped top looked very impressive in a combination with bright high-waisted trousers, classical jacket and court shoes. I would say, even daring.
As it usually happens with me, it all began to spin around, whirl round in circles and different sets of options with cropped top being involved started to develop in my head. They say that August is going to be pretty hot. So, the top has all chances to appear in different looks. 

Look of the Day:
H&M blazer
TOPSHOP formal joggers
Zara court shoes with asymmetric strap
H&M sunglasses
Gogo Philip chain necklace
H&M bracelet
New Look crossbody bag
Dzintars Kredo Lux lipstick