One of those unbelievably sunny days. One of those super hot days we had recently. 

I am just wondering know, how completely different it feels to spend such hot days in a small city and a huge one. I'm really used to Summer in Riga. It's always nice to have some peaceful time at the park. Parks in Riga are so beautiful in Summer with lots of flowers and fountains. Or, in a pinch, you can always sit on the train or car and within some half an hour you will be by the sea. Hot days in London seem to be a completely opposite thing. No, I'm not saying that I don't like London at such times. It's still incredibly beautiful. London is beautiful throughout the year. It's just the feeling that I have, when the town gets even more overcrowded by tourists and locals. Of course you can get a train or bus and go to a place by the sea, somewhere like Brighton. I couldn't do this, as I had everything planed. Well, I'm in Riga now and feel super dooper relaxed.
Having said the above paragraph about hot days, It's time to dedicate a couple of sentences to the look I had during one of them. How good it is to be a woman and be able to wear a dress. Sincerely, nothing better than a dress was created by a human. I mean in terms of fashion. Swing dress with a bit of lace just equals elegance. Sandals and cross body bag - perfect match. And curls. Curls will never ruin your look.

Look of the Day:
Asos PETITE exclusive lace panel cutaway swing dress
London Rebel sandals
H&M sunglasses
New Look cross body bag