Last week I covered a number of interesting and important events. Now it's time to go back to basics of this blog. My looks. 

Last week was pretty busy with events and meetings. All this had fallen on me out of the blue. As they say, how you start a week, so it will pass. So it went for me like this, pretty hectic, but with lots of fun and excitement. Moreover, I discovered so much! I simply can't wait to tell you everything, but everything has its time. I will tell you everything, but later, and will show you photos as well.
And now I want to think back to the day, when I was walking along the promenade by the river. Indescribable beauty. The atmosphere of the place can't be described in words or delivered through images. You can find whole swan families swimming imposingly along the riverside and from the embankment itself you can see the opposite side, where you can notice city's TV tower. By the way, there is an observation tower, right next to the promenade, which is relatively low. I was brave enough to climb up, to go down... I even didn't want to go down, as such a picturesque view opens up there.
For a walk in a hot Summer afternoon I chose light stuff, primarily, in grey colors. Long cardigan turned to be a great addition to the dress, but later I took it off. Bright accent was made by statement necklace in Oriental style, it did fit the whole look perfectly. I did finish the look with a bun hairstyle - simple and convenient.

Look of the Day:
River Island shift dress with 3D hem
London Rebel sandals
PIER AMIRA statement necklace
H&M sunglasses
Fiorelli Belinda Grab handbag