Istituto Marangoni (London) Class of 2014. Sounds pretty cool! 

Moving on to some personal topics. If it, actually, can be called this way. I would rather call it publicly private. Since the graduation ceremony I was constantly thinking, should I write or no? And I decided that I should. Lately I had so many thought spinning in my head, so now it feels more like a puzzle than a normal picture of thoughts.  
It's been almost two weeks since one of the most long-expected event happened. All of us, students, course mates and me, had been waiting for this... some three years. Honestly, sometimes it seemed that this moment would never come. How many times have I thought that I hadn't passed an exam... How many times, after submitting course works, I thought that I did it wrong... Probably, every second time. 
And now, at this very moment, different moments that are related to my university life started to emerge. You know, it was fun. Challenging, sometimes even hard, but fun. But it's not the point. The bottom line is that over the last 3 years I've learnt so much about fashion industry that my goals have changed dramatically. Having a chance to look at the industry from different angles, I saw a lot of opportunities, about which I had no entire idea back then. 
Back then, exactly 3 years ago, I had a clear vision of the future, my future. I thought that after graduating from university I'll move to New York and become the second Anna Wintour. I thought that being Anna Wintour is the top of the fashion Olympus. Be the editor-in-chief of American Vogue, who is respected throughout the world, who gets the most honorable places at the fashion shows of world's leading designers, and, who is one of the most influential figures in the world of fashion. But I'm not Wintour. Yes, we are namesakes, we chose fashion as profession, moreover, we have another bound that is London. But I'm not Wintour. I have my own way. New goals. New ideas. And new plans. What plans? I'll tell you all about it a bit later. I've just started facing big changes and I don't know what lies ahead, but I'm pretty sure it'll be interesting!
Graduation ceremony... As with all important event, which you wait for weeks, and even months, you do prepare yourself for it, it just flies in a jiffy. Though, we have to pay tribute to modern technologies. A huge amount of pictures, selfies and group photos, were made during just a couple of hours. How many of those photos were immediately uploaded on Instagram and Facebook? I'm afraid to count. And how many more remained unpublished? Not a single graduate could leave a phone a side for several minutes. For a note, I'm talking about all the heroes of that day.
The ceremony itself. Have to point out that several courses were to be graduated together with us. Bachelor's and master's degrees together. Now imagine, in order to get the diploma, you need to get up on a stage, pass on it, shake hands with tutors, take pictures with them, get a diploma from the hands of the course leader, leave the stage, and yet, in addition, walk around half of the room before returning to your place. And all this in front of several hundreds of people! People, most of whom I saw for the first time! To tell that I was worried, is like telling nothing! My legs were shaking and the only thought that I had in my head was - don't fall, don't fall. How do all those professional models walk on the catwalk? Literally, in front of the whole world. And all that with unflappable face. It's like a mystery for me.
But everything in this world has to come to an end. Student life, studies and even graduation ceremony are only memories now. Some of us stayed in London, some flew away to different countries or even parts of the world. But one thing unites us... no, it's not the Bachelor's degree in "Fashion Business", although it does as well. We are the new generation. The generation that is ready to rock the fashion world! 

Photos: T. Egorova & V. Puzovs
Videos: V. Puzovs