Having some resort theme in urban conditions... 

So am back in my hometown. Last couple of days were quite busy for me. Though, I did find time to bombard Instagram with tones of photos. Over these days I had my graduation ceremony and was traveling around London to show some cute and interesting places to my parents. Photo-posts are coming, but am not sure exactly when, as I just found out that I have a huge amount of looks that have not been published yet. Moreover, I still have to prepare text for posts about Vassiliev's exhibition. So much to do, but I'm ready to dedicate all my time to blog now, as I have no duties till like September.
And here is one of the looks that are due to be published. Simple, relaxed and in monochrome with a bit of passionate red. I find this dress very cool. While the top part is knitted, the bottom seems more like a fishing net. What could I added to it? I thought that such an interesting dress should be accompanied by an interesting accessory. Beaded necklace that looks like a piece of coral seemed to be a perfect match. 

Look of the Day:
Fishing net dress
Mango T-strap flat sandals
H&M sunglasses
Caramelles necklace
New Look cross body bag