In continuation of the graduation theme. The actual look. 

How would I describe it? Simple, but with taste. I already had an experience of something unusual and super trendy at the school prom. I would rather leave it back there. No, I don't want to say that the dress was horrible or I don't like it. I remember it very well, how badly I wanted that dress, how I picked the fabrics and colors myself, how my brains got grilled because of the tailor and how many nerves did that whole process cost me. But most importantly, I remember how happy I was wearing that exact dress to the school prom. For those, who don't know what am I talking about, I did find that POST with a couple of images. So you could have an idea what dress am I talking about.
Now I wouldn't chose this dress for the prom. Interesting, how our preferences change over the time. Probably, if someone took me back in time and showed me these pictures, I would laugh out loud. Going for some timeless pieces was just weird three years ago.
In my opinion, classics is the best choice for the prom. Something that will cause a sense of delight in some 5, 10, 25 years, when you will be looking at your prom photos. My look is not pure classics, there are small elements of modernity. But I truly believe that in many years, I'll be looking at these photos and will admire my choice, this look, myself and everything else what I admire at this particular minute.
As you may have already noticed, London was my partner in this photo shoot. My favorite London. English style street. Fence, flowers, street lantern, yellow stripe along the sidewalk... In the best traditions of Great Britain. 

Look of the Day:
Reserved dress
Zara court shoes with asymmetric strap
Emeralda pearl necklace
New Look cross body bag