Dress that have been waiting for its star moment for, literally, a year... 

I bought this dress last Summer. Frankly speaking, I've been feeling puzzled for a year, with what should I combine the dress - shoes, bag, accessories, jewelry. Nothing seemed to work. I had just few ideas, but had tried it all together, I didn't like the result.
Question. Why did I take a thing about which I was not sure initially? Yes, at the time of purchase, the only thing a was bothered about - do I like the dress or no. Of course I liked the dress, I like it now as well. Though, I haven't asked myself "with what should I wear it", so I could use it more than once, straightaway. Usually, when I get some piece of clothing fir myself, I try to make up, at least, 2-3 option in my head, other ideas appear with time. Actually, lately I've been trying to avoid buying stuff that will only be worn once. Of course you can find evening dress or, so-called, the special occasion ones, but for such cases special evenings or occasions always appear.
Just yesterday, in my chat with girlfriends this question was raised. Is it worth spending money on clothes that you'll wear, maybe, once or twice? Or should we invest in something more worthwhile and what will serve you at least one or two seasons (or even more)? It's not surprising to me, but we agreed on the second option. Even image-designers call us on to invest in so-called seasonal capsule wardrobes.
By the way, I've never actually explained the name of the blog. Why there is such combination in the name - Practical Queen AP? I'll talk about each separately. Word Practical came to me after I read the book Practical Princess Perfect Wardrobe, the author of which urged readers to have a practical approach to their wardrobes. Thus, having undertaken the course in image-design at the Bogomolov' Image School and having gathered useful information from the book, in my head I've created an idea of my own style or wardrobe, call it the way you like. My main idea is to mix things together, i.e. all sort of things, from high fashion to more basic ones, I try to combine it with each other and "transfer" most of the things from season to season.
If you ask me fashion or style, I will, no doubt, choose style. I created this blog in order to find myself and my style. It's kind of my visual diary, by looking at which changes that happened during the last threes to me can be spotted. I can't say with certainty that I found or created my own style, but I'm moving towards that direction.
In order to complete the topic about the dress with lips print that is accompanied by various words, such as Love, Sublime, Fatale and others, I decided that classics will suit this dress the best. So court shoes, shoulder bag with chain strap and sunglasses with gold details came in handy. 

Look of the Day:
Alain Manoukian kiss print dress
Zara asymmetric strap court shoes
H&M sunglasses
New Look cross body bag