I've always been writing about the stuff that interests me or about something that I consider to be important. Lately my texts turned into long never ending thoughts and it kind of became a new phase for me. Today I'm pushing the boundaries of the blog even further. 

Let me make it clear straightaway, when it comes to modern art I'm not a connoisseur at all. Art is a subjective thing. Two people can stand next to each other and observe an installation - table, ashtray and two cigarette butts - and still each of them will see it in a different way. One will see a deep meaning in it, the second - it's just cigarette butts in an ashtray.
Not that long ago giant snails flooded the streets of Riga. No, they aren't real. But it would be correct to call this phenomenon the invasion of snails. They were literally everywhere and so hard not to notice. When I returned to Riga in late May, I was surprised by the "invasion" and couldn't understand why they were everywhere? For the sake of kid's fun? Friends and acquaintances started to make up, as I see it now, crazy tales. But as they say, it's better to go and find everything out yourself rather than hear 10 different stories.
It turned out that all these creatures are a project, which is called "Snails". The idea belongs to the organization "Art Need Place" ("Mākslai Vajag Telpu"), which supports an establishment of Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art. Museum that still doesn't exist in Latvia! And when it's going to be established is based on our guessing. Project's goal is pretty simple - snails symbolise slowness with which such decisions about the museum are made, but in order to push this thing and break the deadlock people are needed. It's really simple to take part in the action, you take a picture of yourself or your friend, or even all together, pushing a snail, then you just have to upload the picture on iekustini.lv website, thus expressing support. Some participants that have already published own pictures, showed some creativity or it was just in a rush of emotions, tried to climb on top of the snail or cover it all over with their huge hearts (oddly enough, I happened to belong to this group).
By the way, for the Riga Festival all snails undertook serious transformations, each appeared to have individuality. And they all came together on one of the main city squares, in order to bring joy to the citizens and visitors of Riga. 
Talking about the organization "Art Needs Place" ("Mākslai Vajag Telpu"). In fact the organization took a challenge - establishment of an important for the country and a whole generation museum. To some extent art is a reflection and symbol of the country. Art is an indicator of culture's level. What is the level of Latvia in this respect? Hard to say, just because contemporary art in Latvia doesn't have own home. 
By means of snail initiative "Art Needs Place" manages to call country's citizens for a so-called dialogue and in general to think about, where our art is?
It is possible to "leave a signature" under the declaration regarding the establishment of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art at the organization's website. No, no one is asking you to put a real signature, no one needs your passport information, as well as to confirm the identity. All you need is a personal account in such social networks, as FACEBOOK or TWITTER. Well, if declaration is not a part of your plans, you can always find a way to support a good initiative. So, you're in or you're out?

Photos: T. Egorova, A. Puzova & ART NEEDS PLACE Official Website