Things without which I simply can't  image the last Summer month. 

I was planning to make this post back in June. Then in July. Well, it took me a while to put all the stuff together. Here are some things without which I couldn't imagine this Summer. And all listed items, undoubtedly, are my must-haves for August.

Floral Headbands from Poppydaisy

I bought these two headbands with artificial flowers at the Spitalfields market during my last trip to London. By the way, the market is quite popular, I was leaving like five minutes away from it and found a lot of cool stuff there.
Neat headbands with small flowers look very sweet and gentle. They are perfect for feminine looks. I had already made one look with each of the headbands, so you will see them in action soon.

Chanel Style Iphone Cases from Peaches Boutique

Both Chanel Lego style cases have already flickered on the blog in different looks. That's how they look on their own. I ordered bright yellow and baby pink ones specially for Summer. But Peaches Boutique has other colors as well - red, green, hot pink, black and white.
What I like about this Iphone case, apart from its Lego style, is that you can easily attach chain to it and wear it across the body and not be afraid that it'll fall out of the case. For those, who don't like putting mobile phone in a bag and then spend hours searching for it, this is a perfect option.

Ted Baker Cosmetic Bag

Literally dimensionless cosmetic bag. You can fill it up, but there still will be a place for a small bottle of perfume, foundation, lip gloss, cleansing wipes and all the other stuff without which a modern girl can't do without.
Such a pity, it can only fit in bulky bags, like my Furla Candy Bag one, for which I, actually, got this cosmetic bag. Just to remind that candy bag is semi-transparent, therefore you can't put a simple one inside the bag.

Scented Tealights and Tea Infuser

They say that you can truly get to know a person only if you leave with him or her under the same roof. And I should tell you that it's true. On my last year in London I was living together with an amazing girl Liga, who by coincidence happened to be from Riga as well. As it turned out, even in Riga we live relatively close to each other. But it happened that we met on the other side of Europe!
We were flatmates for nearly a year and we didn't just get along together, we got accustomed habits and preferences of each other. I guess, we were the best neighbors ever!
So Liga is aware of my passion towards tea. The passion took me over not that long ago, before I wasn't a tea lover at all. She knows about my other weakness - candles, especially scented. A cup of tea, me and lots of candles - I bet Liga will miss such a picture in the evenings.
But my dearest neighbor made sure I won't forget her. Scented candles and beautiful tea infuser. I received such a gift for my birthday right before departure. Birthday card was there as well, but history is silent about it.