Going for bare legs in order to repel bad weather. The main point here is not to overdo. 

Not that long ago I was crying over markets, I mean vintage and flea ones. A quite popular phenomenon in London town. Portobello Road Market, Brick Lane Market, Petticoat Lane Market, it's even impossible to list all of them, but the top favorite one is, of course, Spitalfields Market. How many interesting, worthwhile or simply vintage items can be found there. The most valuable find will be something that is vintage, no doubt. You won't find something like this in a commercial store and a possibility that you will be the only owner of some old, lets say, beauty box, which you an get here for some 20, okay 40, pounds, is pretty high. I'm not even going to speak about the popularity of the mentioned above places. For any self-respecting tourist, who is really interested in London and its life, such markets as Portobello Road and Brick Lane will definitely be on the list of must-visit places.
In Latvia this phenomenon is not that popular and ongoing. Market in the Kalnciema area can be considered as one of few exceptions. It takes place every Saturday causing a lot of stir and offers a relatively large variety of products and items, such as clothes, accessories, furniture, etc., which in turn are produced, mainly, in Latvia. Every time changing themes of the market can be considered as the main feature of Kalnciema market. 
"Riga Flea Market" turned to be a pleasant discovery of August, organized in Spikeri area, and, as I got it, it wasn't the first time. I went there, primarily, for the sake of interest, to see what it looks like. And let me tell you one thing - I loved it! Of course not all the things are worthwhile, you have to dig in order to find something truly interesting. Although, as they say, every man to his own taste...
So, having searched enough in the range of accessories, I found a very nice and elegant ring decorated with little pearls. I bought it without hesitation. Talking about the other find - bathroom set - I was thinking about it for a long time, but didn't dare to buy. I regret it so badly now. Beautiful vintage jars for shampoo and body lotion, as well as soap dish, would ideally fit my bathroom area. 
And for gloomy yet rainy day I chose a combination of neutral colors, and went for a bit bare legs. Well, it's still Summer. Suede shirt-dress came into action, which I mostly use as a summer coat. New ring also played an important part by occupying its place.
P.S. The next "Riga Flea Market" will take place very soon - on September 6! So don't forget to mark this day on your calendar and meet me at the Spikeri area!  

Look of the Day:
Reserved top
Forever21 faux leather quilted shorts
iCe suede shirt-dress
HOLLY & WHYTE animal print loafers
H&M sunglasses
New Look croc print flap saddle