Inspired by the Cinderella story... 

Fairy tales, fairy tales... How many of them were told to us, when we were kids? The fairy tale about Cinderella is probably the most popular one in the world. Is there any woman, who as a child hear this story, but didn't dream of taking Cinderella's place? I guess, each of us, being a little girl was dreaming about the first ball, chic dress and handsome prince.
And then I wondered, whether the Cinderella story is relevant today? In the era of modern technologies, when it's not a big deal to find a person via Internet. In the era, when Internet chatting is as natural as face to face conversations, when taking selfie at every single step of your daily life became the norm, when expressing your point of view can take only 140 characters. No, there is no condemnation in my words. I myself am using all mentioned above on the daily basis. At the moment, using FACEBOOK for work takes me as much time, as face-to-face meetings and phone conversations together. So, to find a modern Cinderella in social network is just a matter of some 10 minutes.
It's not even the digital revolution thing. It's all about Cinderellas themselves. Modern Cinderella is Cinderella 24/7. She is always, as they say, ready for the ball. Meeting a Prince won't be a surprise for her, because she's always ready. Life of the modern Cinderella is a real ball. You, most probably, have miserable chances to find her peeling potatoes or washing floors simply because she has other worries. Modern Cinderella can be found sitting at the office, running around the city in her high heels, living between London, New York, Moscow and Tokyo. She's got a career to build. And ambitions that push her everyday to prove "stepmother" and "Prince" that she can do hundred times better then they.
And in all this life ball an average Cinderella can't find a free moment to remember who the first Cinderella actually was.
Thoughts are thoughts, but looks are looks. My modern Cinderella doesn't always prefer long ball dresses. She wouldn't mind giving a chance to a shorter version. As an example, this champagne color dress with a fluffy skirt and captivating neckline. Shiny embroidery in the form of stars is a perfect replacement for frilly jewelry. Footwear is just pure classics. It doesn't matter how modern Cinderella is, her shoes should emphasize the sense of style. By the way, for a shoot of this fabulous look the location was chosen just as fabulously beautiful - Rundale Palace. But the story about the place will be told a bit later. 

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