Cropped top thing obsession is simply written over someones face. 

The last day of the working week. All of us are already in anticipation of the weekend. Some of us can't simply wait to take off a business suit and forget about its existence at least for two day, some others can't wait to get in the bed and sleep away as long as possible, someone else is just ready for TGIF thing... I, in turn, have giant plans for the weekend that are associated both with the blog and with a very interesting project. And on this note, I try to smoothly skip to today's look topic...
Here everything is just as simple as possible. Monochrome palette that is not only one of my favorite color combinations, but is also one of the main trends of the season, which we are happy to take with us into Autumn.
Also, I keep going on with the theme of cropped top that I started like a month ago. Seriously, this top, which, to remind you, I found somewhere deep inside my wardrobe, I just want to wear almost every day. In my opinion, it goes tremendously great with high waisted pieces, like trousers or skirts. The last time it was paired, exactly, with trousers, now it's time for a skirt. Skater skirt that gives femininity and youth to this look. Since the outfit was intended for the evening walk along the sea, my footwear choice was pretty simple - flip flops in the same black-and-white combination with a flower a la Chanel. Well, a straw bowler hat added some playfulness to this look. 

Look of the Day:
Unknown cropped top
Unknown flip flops
Reserved straw bowler hat