Oh those warm Summer evenings. Where have you gone? 

Here we go. Severe Latvian weather. From bikini straight into fur coat. I never thought I'd say this, but... this is some sort of abnormal conditions for life! It's only the last days of August, but I'm already armed with boots, layers of warm sweaters and a super long scarf that turns me into a mummy.
Yes, I admit, foggy Albion did spoil me with its weather. Each of us would find an opportunity to wear flats, leather jackets and light coats in winter period quite pleasant. And, by the way, who said that London is the city of rain? For some strange reasons so many, too many, people have a strange prejudice that it constantly rains in London. I confess, I myself used to believe that before. But it's so not true. Rain pours in London no more than, lets say, it does in Riga.  
Latvian Autumn is another story, it starts already in August or a "real" Winter that lasts for like half a year. Only harsh Latvian residents, who have seen a lot of natural disasters, can withstand that. And I... I'm somewhere in between. Between the group of severe Latvians and the group of people, who are accustomed to much warmer life conditions. 
And while I'm trying to prepare myself mentally for the upcoming cold and thinking how can I escape falling into hibernation. here's one of the last Summer looks. Monochrome mix, stripes, sunglasses and flip flops. Everything you need for a perfect August evening.     

Look of the Day:
Unknown stripped top
Unknown flip flops
H&M sunglasses
New Look croc print flap saddle