If London was a man, I would tell him "Goodbye, my love. Goodbye". 

I guess it's a final farewell. Farewell to my London life. As they say, London was for me an opportunity of a lifetime. Still, not everyone are given such an opportunity. Though, I did use mine. After such a small city as Riga, life in one of the biggest cities in the world seemed to be so exciting and interesting.
My last days as a londoner were rich in experiences and events, but were also full with contrasting feelings. Just like a child, who eagerly swallows a knowledge, I was walking through the city and trying to remember every detail, every little thing. Enjoy the places that turned to be so special. Places that are deeply loved by me, the ones that are so close to my heart.
As, for example, Hummingbird Bakery... it's not a bakery, but rather a paradise for the real cupcake lovers! That's the place, where you can find the most delicious red velvet in town, trust me. I remember that during my first months in London, I used to visit it almost every day. Brick Lane and St. Paul's... two of my most beloved places. While Brick Lane had become a must-to-go Sunday place, St. Paul's, and its surroundings, became the second, after Tower Bridge, most favorite destinations for walk-arounds. If in Brick Lane you can meet all sorts of people, from intellectual tourists to bohemians and representatives of underground, around St. Paul's Cathedral you are likely to encounter the same kind of tourists and people wearing suits, who ran out for lunch or are heading home.
By the way, I discovered a great Asian restaurant. In fact, it's right in the center of London, on Regent street. And it has quite a catchy name - Inamo. Welcoming atmosphere, Oriental interior, amazingly tasty cuisine. But the main highlight is a menu that is projected right on the table! So you don't have to sit and wait for hours while the waiter will come and take your order. Technological innovations will take care of it, the menu is projected on to the table, you only need to make one click to choose a particular meal to add it to the order, the order then is sent directly to the chef! This place definitely will be on my list of top-places-to-visit during my next trip to the big lights city.
Do I regret about leaving London? You know, this is the first time, when I can say it out loud and with total confidence - no, I don't regret. Taking into consideration the events that happened over the last two weeks, I realized that I found the path that I was look for the last couple of months. One of the most important things, which is quite useful to know - take advantage of opportunities. No matter how crazy it may seems for you or how incomprehensible and unjustified for others. And my, exactly my, opportunities are in Latvia. And now, I'm working on a super interesting project, which is aimed at the fashion industry of the Baltic countries. A lot of business, a lot of meetings, a lot of responsibilities. A lot of new and interesting stuff happening. At the moment work is my priority, so I can get lost for a while. But, if it's possible, I'll use my job share some interesting and exclusive information on Latvian and Baltic fashion with you people.

Photos: T. Egorova & A. Puzova