Never had there been such sensual beauty and impeccable taste, born of the snow white sea foam. 

Inspired by legends and myths of Ancient Greece. The lines above are from the legend about beautiful Aphrodite - the goddess of love and beauty, who was born of the sea waves. 
"Aphrodite is a personification of divine beauty and unfading youth. When she goes, in a splendor of her beauty, in fragrant robes, sun starts to shine brighter, flowers bloom luxuriantly. Wild forest animals are running towards her from the thickets of the forest; flock of birds fly to her, when she walks around the forest. Lions, panthers, leopards and bears gently snuggle up to her. Aphrodite calmly walks among wild animals, proud of her radiant beauty." N. A. Kun
In my opinion, the legend about Aphrodite is one of the most beautiful and she herself, as a person, is of a great interest to me. The main responsibility of the goddess was to create love. Under the influence of Aphrodite both, mortals and gods, were "infected" with this feeling. If you think about it, what is love? It's a feeling that connects people, the feeling that makes people kinder and better. Do you remember the main appeal of hippies? Make love, not war. It seems that too many people today forgot about it completely... but I'm not talking about this now.
Why am I actually speaking about Aphrodite? When I started looking through these photos, the legend about the goddess, who was born of the sea foam, surfaced in my mind. Then like any other normal human, I plunged into the Internet for a little investigation and it gave me her name, Aphrodite. Based on the research, I decided to refresh the legend in my memory, so I found a quite old book "Legends and myths of Ancient Greece" that is dated back in 1955, in my home library. 
I think there is something from Aphrodite in this look. And the fact that the shooting took place on the seaside pops up more associations with  the goddess of beauty and love. To create this, I would dare to say, ethereal look I didn't use much, only fuchsia colored maxi dress and hairband with artificial flowers. 

Look of the Day:
Asos maxi dress with keyhole detail floral headband