I would call this place a pearl of London town. Or a dreamer's paradise... 

I won't dissemble, London parks didn't impress me that much. By and larges, usual parks. Of course, they differ from what we are familiar with, in size and in atmosphere. But Holland Park became a real discovery for me. It's no even a pearl of London, it's a real earthly paradise in the heart of a big city!
The park is not that widely known, as famous Regents Park and Hyde Park, where tourists run like crazy to take a picture of a squirrel gnawing a nut or a flock of swans, gracefully sailing along the coast. It's such a pity that an ordinary tourist has pretty low chances to discover this place. On the other hand, this obscurity even adds charm to the park. That's right, according to the laws of the universe, not everyone are destined to go to heaven.
And being among the "chosen" ones, which had a good fortune to visit such a heavenly place, I want to tell you about the Holland Park. And, maybe, Holland Park will appear on you list of must-visit London places.
Part was named after Lord Holland, one of the owners. This place together with a palace that was destroyed during the WWII served as a center of social receptions, writers and artists, politicians and simply public figures used to be special guests. But already in XX-th century, the park became a public place, which can be visited by everyone.
Park fascinates with its beauty. On one hand it's a beautifully organized flower garden, on the other hand, it's kids playground, a nook with large chess, which are moved by children just for fun, but also a square decorated with lots of roses. First you come across a squirrel, which immediately hides in bushes and then you turn your head and can't believe your own eyes! You see it standing just in front of you... and it's a peacock! Have you met peacock in many public parks? Imposingly parading peacocks!? What am I saying, not even parading, but rather striving to peck a man with a little kind that are sitting on a bench!
But the most breathtaking place is a Japanese park Kyoto! Real experts, Japanese designers, worked on this part of the park. It actually feels like you are in Japan. (And here, it this very moment, I realized how badly I want to visit Japan! I have to add it to my list of dream-places-to-visit!) An incredibly quiet and peaceful atmosphere combined with excellence of landscape design. Pond inhabited with different types of fishes, small waterfall, stone bridge and authentic Japanese plants. You can stay in such an atmosphere for hours, just sit and observe everything and everyone. No wonder, after all, that artists, who are hiding in the shadows of the trees from the scorching sun, come here with paint and easels... They know for sure that this beauty needs to be perpetuated.
Unfortunately, I couldn't get around the whole park. Perhaps, it will take a whole day, if not even more, to enjoy all this beauty. But I can assure you that it's worth your time.   

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