As I promised, using my work for professional gain to provide you guys with interesting information from the world of fashion. 

Young, talented and creative... I guess these adjectives can be attributed to any upcoming designer, who dared to launch own collection and make a statement in fashion world. And it's true, you have to be brave enough and confident about your idea in order to find own place in the world of fashion that is crowded with designers, who, in turn, are trying to convince us that it's them, who're the future leaders of fashion industry. 
It's worth noticing that Russian designer Roman Chernov really found his own place. Using the language of fashion business, Roman found his niche. Designer decided not to use his talent in different kind of clothes, but rather singled out one piece of clothing - sweatshirts. In recent years, sportswear found its way back being an indispensable part of everyday wardrobe, and designers found themselves mixing sporty style with everything they can. Sweatshirt, in turn, became an essential piece for every self-respecting fashionista. 
Chernov's sweatshirts aren't simple. The young artist made a decision to move away from hackneyed idea of sweatshirts with prints that are pressed by special machines or at home under the iron. In his collection "Igra Snov" (in English "Dream Game", I decided not to translate the name of the collection in order to keep the original name) designer used a technique of painting with acrylic on textiles. The world of dreams served as an inspiration, it is noticeable to the naked eye and at first glance at any of 14 sweatshirts.
In my opinion, the collection is very interesting. You certainly won't confuse Roman Chernov sweatshirt with any other designer. If you haven't heard of this Russian designer, then starting from today you should be monitoring the career of this young man.
By the way, Roman didn't set limits regarding his new collection. Dancers of Latvian studio TODES turned to be models. Emotions, excellent calisthenics and creative approach to presentation of the collection. The guests were delighted and the cameras of their mobile phones didn't stop working, probably, even for a second. Latvian duo Liera Shtein and Alex Silvers made sure that guests didn't get bored. Frankly speaking, I know little about them, while living abroad I didn't follow the news from a distant homeland that much. But their tandem looks very harmonious and charges you with positive emotions.
Another fact. It turned out that Roman Chernov's birthday was exactly at the same day as the fashion show, which took place on August 14 at the "Tēvocis Vaņa" restaurant ("Uncle Vanya")! So that's how a young designer preferred to celebrate his day. Among the representatives of the fashion industry, photographers, journalists, artists, celebrities, bloggers and simply connoisseurs. During the presentation of his new collection, Roman also held a lottery, the winners of which received great discounts on designer's sweatshirts and exclusive KISS'es by Roman Chernov. So the designer distributed gifts, arranged a memorable event, left a lot of emotions and he himself, it seemed to me, a little embarrassed by all the attention and recognition, was standing in front of the guests receiving congratulations and ovation. A super delicious cake came as a conclusion of the evening, Roman himself blew out all the candles. What was his wish? It will remain a secret to all of us...

Photos: Jurijs Korjakins KOR.LV

Event Org. & PR: SilverStein PRoduction
Location: "Дядя Ваня"/"Tēvocis Vaņa"  (Smilšu street 16, Riga)