Getting into Latvian kind of mood lately. Researching and getting inspired. 

Last night I again visited a concert organized by Riga Radio, which was a part of a live broadcast. This time it was Neipadinātā Folka Orķestris, which performed some live music, in English team calls itself Future Folk Orchestra. The band brought together representatives of different generations, all of them have a common passion - music. To say that these guys are talented or gifted is to say nothing. In my opinion, they are virtuosos, simply masters in what they are doing! I'm always in awe of people, who have chosen music as their primary lifework. I'm not talking now about pop music and phonograms. But musicians, who can play several instruments simply excite me. Especially, if it's some unusual tool for us, like ukulele or kazoo. In short, Future Folk Orchestra amazed me yesterday. And inspired.
And now I'll tell you about quite an extraordinary place, which is located in the heart of Riga city. The place is called Vasarnīca 2014, in English it's simply Summer Cottage. You, most probably, are wondering, why there is a Summer Cottage in the center of the city? It's pretty simple. This is so-called cultural dacha - a place, atmosphere of which reminds you more of granny's country house, where you can come to relax, take a book off the shelf, impose our self with cushions and enjoy the process, or enjoy working in a relaxed atmosphere and outdoors, or you can go up to the second floor and observe how some people are running and doing their business, while other are strolling around Esplanade and enjoying beautiful weather; on the other hand, it's one of the main cultural centers in Summer period. Movie nights, all sorts of performances, concerts and other kind of entertainment are held here. Even for fashion lovers the organizers prepared something interesting... play "Ladies Paradise", which tells a story about XX-th century European fashion. Actors appear in front of the audience in costumes that were created by leading Latvian fashion designers.
In such a calm and pleasant place I decided to shoot my relaxed look. Flowing shapes, white-sand-beige color combination, shawl as a cape and straw Fedora. It's all about laid back end of Summer outfit.   

Look of the Day:
Cubus paisley print top
DIVIDED by H&M shorts
Mango T-strap flat sandals
Shawl from Pakistan
H&M straw Fedora hat
H&M sunglasses
Fiorelli Belinda Grab handbag