LUSH goody boxes. Two boxes full of wonderful LUSH products. 

In late July I paid a visit to the main LUSH Latvia store. I wrote about my visit and company itself not that long ago. In case you missed it, the story can be found HERE. LUSH Latvia team didn't let me go empty-handed and pleased me with two boxes of "sweets". And these sweets will be talked about today.
Find out what products are worth to try and which ones became my favorites. What should you treat yourself and body with!

D'FLUFF shaving soap

Shaving soap, which consists of strawberry, golden syrup and cocoa butter combination. It not only protects skin while shaving, but also leaves it very very smooth after the procedure. Super soft oily texture and pleasant aroma of the soap makes the shaving process a really delightful. D'FLUFF, no doubt, is my favorite, I can't even image a day without it now!

AFRICAN PARADISE body conditioner

African miracle. It's a combination of almond and moringa oils, shea butter, mango juice and aloe vera. Conditioner is used while showering. the process is very similar to the one, when you use hair conditioner. Only in this case the conditioner is applied to the body, wet body. Then conditioner simply needs to be washed off. In the beginning it creates feeling that skin is a bit tacky, but the feeling disappears as soon as you towel dry yourself. Another favorite of mine.

ZEST hair gelly

Hair gelly with petitgrain, orange and neroli oils. According to the instruction, gelly can be used on both wet and dry hair. To tell the truth, I haven't figured out yet how to use this product. I don't use hair gels that often, but, if you are addicted to such hair stylers, then you should definitely try ZEST.

Each bottle contains information about how the product should be used, its ingredients, date of manufacture and expiry date, as well as a name of a person, who made it.


I don't know what this product has to do with granny, but any single young lady will go crazy about this ballistic. Bright candy colors and heavenly scent. Yes, heaven, probably, smells like it. Ballistic is filled with combination of ginger, pepper and lemon. One such piece can be stretched for several heavenly baths. You definitely should give GRANNY TAKES A DIP a try!

PARSLEY PORRIDGE soap (green colored)

Gentle nourishing herbal soap. Consists of parsley, thyme, tea tree oil, aloe gel and oatmeal. Turns to be such a herbal porridge. Delicate soap texture transforms the process of cleansing into an unforgettable experience, while resistant odour of herbals gives a feeling of freshness for a long time. In my opinion, it's a great option for Autumn.

MANGNIFICENT soap (orange colored)

Fruity freshness. And again, the color completely coincides with ingredients. This piece of soap is filled with dried mango, Tunisian neroli, mandarin and lemon oils. If you are a fan of strong flavors, then you should try MANGNIFICENT. LUSH recommends to use during the morning procedures to recharge your sense of energy for the whole day.

Easter theme inspired LUSH products set. 


Carrot soap with pleasant aroma that includes such oils, as rapeseed, coconut, carrot, buchu, Sicilian lemon, bergamot and organic cocoa butter. If you adore sweet and savory flavors, you will like this one. 

BRIGHTSIDE bubble bar

Bright and appetizing friable bath bubbles. It makes you want to eat it, just like a donut. With very invigorating aroma. And again, one such piece will be enough for several bath procedures that, no doubt, lift your mood. It consists of cream of tartar, mandarin and bergamot oils, as well as gardenia extract. Another favorite of mine. Now bubble baths take me up to several hours!


Carrot that converts into bath bubbles. Very interesting concept. Carrots consist of cream of tartar, buchu, Sicilian lemon and bergamot oils. Such bunch of carrots should be enough for 3-6 bubble baths.

GOLDEN EGG bath ballistic

Golden egg will turn the process of taking a bath into a memorable one. It will not only make water softer and fill the bathroom with divine aroma, but will also give particles of "golden dust" that will fill the bath and remain on our skin after bathing. Golden egg is filled with Colombian cocoa, sweet wild orange, bergamot oils, cream of tartar and cornflour. This ballistic is now an essential part of my bath procedures.


Photos: T. Egorova

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