As they say, the dress wasn't left aside for a long time... 

I visited equestrian sport competition for the first time in my life! For the first time, I saw with my own eyes, how horses that are, of course, controlled by riders overcome obstacles. Should tell you that it's such an unforgettable show! How graceful do horses look even when they jump! What strength and confidence do the riders have, especially men! No wonder all girls dream of a prince on a horse, who will come galloping and take her far far away.
Can't say that I had a favorite. I sympathized every contestant equally. And I was quite upset when someone couldn't take an obstacle. You know, it's not easy for the rider to calculate the moment when a horse should jump. I can't even image how horses feel, when they don't succeed and touch or hit into the obstacle, or even worse, when they fall.
On this occasion, I created a look, which, in my opinion, is perfect for this kind of event. Very gentle, uncomplicated and Summery. Of course, my choice immediately fell on this dress, in which I attended my university graduation party. Classic flats in nude color didn't steal the spotlight from the dress. While such accessories, as straw bowler hat and bag became a perfect addition to the ensemble. 

Look of the Day:
Reserved dress
Reserved straw bowler hat
Boshimao flats
H&M bracelet