Ethno jazz evening? Sequins and florals are the perfect choice. 

This morning I had my second ever job interview. To say that I wasn't worried is to say nothing. I spent all night trying to predict what kind of questions I could be asked and how would I answer. I read a whole bunch of information about this designer brand and its market. And I remembered my first such interview.
My first interview was with... you will never guess what the brand was! While still in London, I've sent a lot of resumes to various fashion brands. And who would have ever thought that this brand will be among the few, who got interested in me. One of the leading and most successful brands in the history of fashion industry! The company was Dior. The interview was held in their London office, which is located not far from department store Harrods. I liked the office from the very first minute. The atmosphere of luxury was in the air, series of books about Dior were placed on the coffee table and right in the middle of the waiting room a big London mail box was placed, not red as usual, but in Dior style. The interview took place in a separate room with a small glass table and plenty of chairs. Interview was conducted y one of the office managers, a very sweet and intelligent woman. A lot of questions were asked about my previous job experience, the difficulties I faced while working there, the skills that I posses, my expectations and, of course, Dior company itself. I can't say that my knees were shaking during the interview, it didn't, on the contrary, it seemed to me that I felt pretty comfortable during the interview. It was just that awkward moment, when words started disappearing from my head or confused, I even was caught off guard by some questions.
I remember how joyfully I ran out of the office. The fact that my first job interview was held by Dior gave me some much confidence. And even today it made me feel confident. I guess it's clear that Dior didn't appoint me, but everything is still ahead. Perhaps, starting a career with work in such a company is an accomplishment, but the question is, where will you grow further in professional terms? It's better to move slowly, but in right direction, and reach one height after another, rather than jumping straight to the top.
Last week I was invited to the concert of local ethno jazz group BARAKA, it was organized by Rīga Radio during their live broadcast. It was the first time I came across this group and have to admit, I liked it. It's kind of meditative music with oriental motifs. You don't even need to know the language, as everything is felt through their music. Absolutely incredible! 
Since it happened in the evening, sequined mini skirt turned to be the best possible option. I added vintage chiffon tunic with floral print, classical flats and small bag with crocodile skin effect to the skirt. Bright accent of lips and curls... voila! I'm ready for the evening!

Look of the Day:
Toyo Menka floral print chiffon tunic
Asos sequined mini skirt
H&M flats
H&M sunglasses
New Look croc print flap saddle