Thinking back on those hot, sun-filled and careless days... 

Due to the fact that I have a very, very, very big amount of stuff that I have to post with a delay of 2-3 weeks, this story about bikini reached the blog only today.
A month ago I could quietly rest on the beach, sunbathing and practically thinking about nothing I didn't even have clear plans about future. Today my daily routine consists of business meetings, correspondences via e-mail and phone calls, visits to different kind of events, communication with lots of people and very little time is left for my blog. Summarizing all the above, my schedule is fully planned almost a week in advance! That's the life. No single moment of peace.
My main Summer pride was this bikini from South Beach. I started searching for the most important piece of the season already in Spring. As always, I've created a picture of an ideal option in my mind. At that time I was still living in London and had a wide range of stores in my hand. According to the Murphy's Law, a bikini that I found on ASOS website ran out of stock. Enlisting the name of the brand, it turned out that the brand's name was South Beach, I went on to find out for something interesting among their offering. And getting to eBay website, I found this exact bikini. I liked it from the very first moment, so I decided not to postpone the case and made an order straightaway.
There is a special twist about the bikini. No, it's not about a combination of neon colors or print. Little pendants in a shape of bungalows and palm trees are. This fact did lift me mood up even more.
The place that was chosen for a photoshoot is pretty interesting. I didn't want an ordinary idea with beach, sea, sun beds and so on. On the contrary, the place should have been more extraordinary. Thus the idea to get far away from Jurmala with its ever crowded beaches appeared. We left for the Kurzame coast, a fisher's village called Lapmezhciems. Beautiful beach, blue sea, boats that were left by fishermen right at the coast and an old ruined pier. In my opinion, pictures that were taken by the pier turned to be the best. It resulted in such a game of contrasts.  

Look of the Day:
South Beach Chevron print bikini with gold charms
H&M sunglasses