A riot of colors, mix of flavors and variety of ingredients. It's all about it. A cosmetic company LUSH! 

Cosmetic company LUSH was founded in 1994 in Great Britain. Prior to that the founders of the company were selling their products to another famous one - The Body Shop. 
The first time I came across LUSH company was some... 5-6 years ago. Back then I spent 3 weeks of Summer undertaking an English course in a wonderful city Brighton. By the way, it was back then that I went to London for the first time. But I'll tell that story some other time. I remember how Alice, a girl I met during the course, started jumping of joy when she saw a LUSH store in Brighton, she grabbed my hand and led me to this kingdom. The smell, which was felt even before we entered the store, made me go crazy, in a good way, and I couldn't stop my eyes from wondering, as they had such a wide range. I remember I took a bunch of different bath bombs, soaps and solid shampoos. On my return back home, I was searching for the store in Riga, at least one, but at that time LUSH hadn't yet captured Latvian market.
Capture happened later. That time, I think, I was graduating from school or was already on my first year in university. I heard about the opening of the first LUSH store in Latvia, but I was busy with other things. And then... and then I just didn't have a perfect moment to run in the store. Until recently. Just last week I was personally invited to visit the main store by the representatives of LUSH Latvia, so I had a chance to talk to the staff and the manager herself. The staff is highly trained and will not only tell you what this or that product is made of, how to use it, but will also give a valuable advice. During the visit I learned a lot about LUSH company. And now I will tell you some information in details.
First of all, all the products are handmade starting from soaps and bath bombs to packaging. The company actively supports "fair trade" movement. The company official conducts production in Eastern and African countries, thereby ensuring their employees with fairly paid work and creating good working environment.
Secondly, the company proudly calls itself a supporter of fresh and natural ingredients, as only the best and natural ones are used in a creation of every single LUSH product. For example, you can find soap with oatmeal or bath bomb with edible rose in their store. Speaking about the packaging of such products, as lotions and gels, these are processed and this material is then used in production of scarves with amazing prints!
Thirdly, LUSH company stands against using animals in product testing.
It's worth noting that LUSH company is the innovator in the field of cosmetic products. Almost all offered products were designed by LUSH creative team, such as solid shampoo. Very practical and convenient, one such little piece equals almost 4 bottles of normal shampoo, moreover, you can easily take it in your trips.
In addition to bath bombs, soaps, solid shampoos, LUSH offers scrubs, lotions, creams,  hair conditioners, lipsticks and lip glosses, shaving creams, liquid and solid perfumes, deodorants, oils and much more. All these will not only give you pleasant emotions, but also transforms your daily procedures into real fairy tale! LUSH targets not only female audience, men also can find a lot of cool stuff in a company's range! 
So, dear ladies and gentlemen, now you just need to run to the LUSH store to get yourself a piece of heavenly pleasure!

 Photos: T. Egorova

LUSH stores across Riga:
Dzirnavu street 70
Galerija Centrs, Audēju street 16
Domina Shopping Center, Ieriķu street 3
Alfa Shopping Center, Brīvības Gatve 372

More information on LUSH Latvia official website