It may seem strange, but darkness suits London. 

I've always loved evenings in London. When darkness falls over the city, lights start illuminating and this mystical feeling appears. This feeling is fascinating and takes you to a completely different world. You seem to be among people, but it seems that you are just one on one with the city. And it tells you the story. And the story is different for everyone...
A long long time ago, at the very beginning of the year I promised to take more pictures of one of my most favorite places in London town - Shad Thames street. It's a historically important street. Once upon a time sailing ships used to come here, stop by these warehouses, full with tea, coffee and various spices. Later the warehouses were abandoned and only at the very end of the previous century warehouses were converted to homes with rather expensive apartments and numerous restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. And the street itself, "decorated" on both sides with warehouses that are connected by bridges, attracts tourists, who are leisurely strolling along the bank of Thames river or Tower Bridge.
Continuing the topic about how London amazed me at the end of my London-life... The last three years I lived in the close proximity to Tower Bridge and I still couldn't manage to catch the opening of it! I've come to Tower Bridge so many times - during the day, in the evening, at night and even at dawn! Never. And then, during one of my last nights in London, when I was walking along the Thames with my parents... in fact, we all were standing in a row and taking pictures of Tower Bridge from all possible angles. So, at some point the buzzer went on, traffic on the bridge stopped... and the opening began. I froze, I couldn't move, I couldn't even close my mouth how surprised I was. Just a couple of pictures and I completely forgot about video. And what do you think, someone up there, heard my groaning, and in about one hour the bridge opening happened for the second time! At this time I was already on the opposite side, the darkness came and the bridge was beautifully illuminated with lights. I grabbed my phone this time and started filming it. (the actual video can be found a bit below)
I've always loved evenings in London. When darkness falls over the city, lights start illuminating and this peaceful feeling appears. Another day in the big city came to an end. And no one is in a hurry now. And you, are sitting in a cafe or restaurant, on the second floor of a double decker or in a cab, by the window in your apartment, which is located on the 28th floor, or on a 5-10 storey building, where friends arranged little party, and watch the city. Yes, darkness suits London.

Photos & Videos: T. Egorova & A. Puzova