Where the wild roses grow and exotic flowers bloom. 

It's such a strange feeling. To go back to places that once were an important part of your life. Of your childhood. And even your youth. At all seems to be so different now. New faces and places that have changed completely... Life goes on and things change - it's a law of the universe. But the most amazing thing is when you return to the place of your childhood and understand how much you've changed over these years. It's not like you just matured or grew up, you really did change.
Why I started such a serious and philosophical topic. Just at the beginning of August I had a trip to the past. In my own time machine. In the village called Atpūta, which is located near Jelgava.
I have tight binds with this city and lots of memories. Due to granddad's work, my father's family have moved a lot from one city to another (back then it still was Soviet Union, taking into consideration modern times and order of the countries, it can be said that they'd travelled to different countries). So, when my father was a school kid, his family moved to small, but beautiful Latvian city - Jelgava. Later on, when I was a little kid, parents used to take me and my brother to visit grandparents, until they moved to Riga.
My other grandmother had a summer cottage in Atpūta village, where me and my brothers, still very little, used to spend our Summers. And so for a long-long time. I remember that we had a bunch of friends there. Unfortunately, from all those people I now only remember Milochka, Lyubochka and Edik. I remember how we used to build huts and play lots of different games. I remember how we used to organize bicycle racing and how I, being the youngest of them all, tried to catch up with them on my kids bike, or how we used just to ride around the neighborhood and how I was sitting on a trunk of my brother's bike and be super proud of that. A lot of things happened there. I fell off the bike right into the nettles that badly burned my leg, and did climb on the pile of sand together with everyone, which seemed to be a high mountain for us, and fell on the edge of the inflatable pool that when running away from my brother, that was filled up with water, which, in turn, poured and flooded grandma's garden. It was here that my grandmother, from father's side, taught me how to ride a bike. I remember that I was terribly afraid falling off it and couldn't keep balance, so granny held on to the seat to help me somehow. So that's how we were riding. And one day, when I was riding a bike, being sure that granny holds it, I heard her voice joyfully shouting from a distance that I was doing great, so I turned my head and saw that she was standing in the middle of the road and waving at me. It hurt so badly when I fell, but it didn't hurt just because I fell, rather than because of the fact that it seemed to me that granny deceived me, when she released the bike. So that's how I learned to ride a big bike.
And now, after so many year, I decided to recall the good old days, when I was not dependant on the Internet and all these modern technologies. When I could go for a walk and walk barefoot along a country road. Almost endless fields, desert road, scorching Summer sun and a girl. I couldn't miss an opportunity of having a photo shoot in such a peaceful location. With a little manipulation, simply removing the straps and slightly lifting the dress up, I turned a maxi dress into a more modern peasant style one. And from accessories I just used a headband with artificial flowers. Simple, gentle and feminine.

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Traffic People chiffon maxi dress
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