Along the old streets of the town that saw a lot of ups and downs. 

I guess I'll never stop admiring the beauty of the Old Riga. It seems that I used to see it from some different angle. Maybe it's because I was living in another city, maybe I myself began to look at the world around in different way, but the picture and perception have changed.
Paul Smith once said: "You see the whole picture, but don't pay attention to details". It's a second, if not third, time when I've used this statement and once again it has aptly fell into the topic of discussion. All that is created, is created from particles, from made of particles, of details. As bricks joined together create a fortress or a house, or a set of cobble stones create a road in the Old Town, so does any other detail that forms the world around us.
Similarly, today's look was made of individual pieces. But it was built around the main piece - that exact skirt from Latvian folk costume. If you remember, I said that the skirt is not authentic, but rather was skilfully created from a piece of fabric which is very similar to the one of which the national skirt is actually created. Indeed, it's pretty hard to distinguish it from the original, the only exception can be a real expert. As I promised, the look is quite modern and, most importantly, practical. In such outfit you can easily spend a day in the city or have an evening out.

Look of the Day:
Reserved top
Reserved Collection faux leather/suede jacket
H&M flats
Vintage bracelet
New Look croc print flap saddle