There is quite a beautiful expression. "It doesn't matter how old your trainers are, if you walk in them around Paris". 

My converses haven't reached Paris yet, but have experienced a lot of roads in London. And even managed to travel around Latvia. This time converses were found on the steps of "holy of holies" of Latvian art - Art Academy of Latvia. In fact it's a place, where the future Latvian talents, i.e. artists, designers, experts of art and many other, are nurtured. 
By the way, it's not the first time that my shoes brought me to the Academy. There have been many Summer looks that were shot in front of the architect's Wilhelm Bockslaff creation. The building, that was built in 1905, and its Neo-Gothic style architecture won't leave any single human, who saw it at least once, indifferent. I myself have been a witness, when foreign tourists while passing by the Art Academy of Latvia, stopped and started actively discussing something, taking pictures or simply staring at it. And what can should I tell you then about local people?
About two weeks ago fate brought me inside the Academy. And once again I felt like a student. Just for a couple of hours, but it brought back my memories about university and its life. And its completely different that life of a student. Totally different. And I started thinking about Masters again. I have two options. The first - the more in-depth study of the history of art and fashion, for example, in the same Art Academy, which, in my opinion, is not the worst option, furthermore, after Masters Degree I can aim a blow on Doctoral Degree. Or find an alternative to the Latvian Academy in Europe, in a more prestigious university. The second option - increase my knowledge in business and financial management, in order to become one of those grey eminences of the fashion world, who actually do run this powerful industry. In this case, of course, I would give preference to one of the foreign universities. I hope that ardent supporters of the Latvian educational system, but, at this point, such knowledge should be gained from real professionals. What will be the outcome of this internal struggle and to what I will give priority - art or finance - in the long run will depend on what I will happen in the future. 
And finally, I will leave you one on one with this casual look. As simple and concise, as always - white shirt, ripped boyfriend jeans, leather jacket and a pair of Converse.      

Look of the Day:
Reserved loose fit shirt
Reserved Collection faux leather/suede jacket
H&M ripped boyfriend jeans
H&M sunglasses
Vintage ring
Fiorelli Belinda Grab handbag