No better name can be made up.  

It was a day of a business meeting. How business-like can be meetings between fashion industry professionals... not as much, so that all participants came in grey suits, white shirts, shoes with 5 centimeter heels, ring or bracelet as the only affordable accessory. You are unlikely to see such kind of meetings in the world of fashion. In the end any fashionista without any extra effort involved can turn the most boring, at first glance, suit into something more interesting, elegant or simply stylish.
My aim was to create a look that is not too formal, but not too fashionable at the same time. I bet you will agree that arrive at the meeting during which you are meant to present the project and discuss ways of co-operation in total fashion look would be a little tactless. The main thing here is to show your knowledge, opinion and efficiency, rather than impress companies with your ability to combine trends of the season together. At least, I think so.
I decided not to play too much with color, the only exception was a bright orange candy bag that during the meeting was humbly resting under the table without stealing companion's attention. Black and pale pink. Great and pretty calm color combination. The length of the skirt, knee length, is the right choice for the business meeting, material and effect of "wet leather" takes it to trend category. Shoes are closed, as they should be, though the color and the model itself, again, added some fashion. Such contradictory pieces as skirt and flats were supported by classics - basic top and cardigan.
P.S. For those, who didn't really understand the heading, I'll refresh the fact that the model of the Fashion Union skirt is called Anna.

Look of the Day:
Zara cardigan
Zara pointed-toe flats
H&M sunglasses