Summer farewell post. Just like a year ago, I couldn't leave the last day of Summer without any attention.  

Last year, on August 31, I couldn't sit still in the city and went to Tuja seaside. Beautiful beach, old pier and last Summer sunset. This time I couldn't go away from the city, frankly speaking, I didn't even plan that. An ordinary human laziness simply overcame me.
Actual Summer passed under the auspices of re-thinking. Rethinking everything - my plans, goals, life principles an so on and so forth. Strange, but it happens to every Summer. I know that many people do the so-called New Year's Resolutions list, when they do sum up the results of the year, reflecting on the fact whether they achieved the set goals during the last year and set themselves new ones. So, with me, these "NY Resolutions" happen in Summer. Either I have a special kind of life calendar or it all comes from an excess of free time. Well, generally speaking, I think too much, but when there's a lot of free time I become a real philosopher. Of course, it sounds funny, but in reality it's not.
So, summarizing the Summer. I think, in terms of the blog, I did a good job. A lot of looks, a lot of posts, a lot of stories. Yes, Summer marked with a sudden turn for me, as an author of the blog. If earlier posts were accompanied with several lines with a description of a look, now it's entire stories. A recent comment from a girl called Nadya that she made to the story about Latvian folk costume pleased me a lot. It's one thing, when people who you know find your stories interesting and quite another - when so do people who you don't know. It means that evenings that I spend writing such texts aren't wasted.    
Project Baltic Showroom became the second turning point of Summer. When I returned to Riga, I, in fact, returned to nowhere. I had no clue what I was going to do here. When in London I had an opportunity to grasp a practice, for example, at Dior or Paul Smith, the world famous and successful companies, while in Riga I had no such alternative. Due to certain life situations I found myself at Baltic Showroom - new and, I'm not afraid to say it, perspective project. I have an opportunity to not only learn cuisine of Latvian fashion from inside, but understand on what I want to focus in the future. As they say, wait and we'll see.
Concluding the Summer topic, lets go back to the look of the last Summer day. I would personally call it Parisian casual. The main elements of Parisian style - striped top, playful skirt with folds and a scarf around the neck. Converses did add that casual style to the whole outfit. Ahead of the question, how did I actually spend August 31, my answer - walking around Spikeri quarter and the new promenade, that is just next to the quarter. 

Look of the Day:
Reserved Collection faux leather/suede jacket
Vintage floral print scarf