What do you expect from the age of digital revolution? 

Internet-based projects, e-stores, e-magazines... What else? BALTIC SHOWROOM 2014!
BALTIC SHOWROOM 2014 is an online project that takes place in the social network FACEBOOK. This is already the fourth year in a row that members of one of the most popular websites on the planet will have an opportunity to find out what modern Latvian fashion looks like. 
Every day throughout the October on the official page of the project - HERE - styling of one Latvian designer will be published. The main feature of the project is a selection of designers and brands - it's not just well-known and successful designers, but also emerging ones. In addition to best pictures, which are provided by designers themselves, and names of fashion houses, the names of professionals involved in a creation of a styling - photographers, stylists, make-up and hair artists, models (model agencies) - will be mentioned as well.
So, from 1 to 31 October in social network FACEBOOK an online project BALTIC SHOWROOM 2014! Such brands and designers, as ANNA LED, Alexandra Westfal, Baiba LadÄ«ga, CINNAMONS Atelier, WOOLINGS, Julija Fedorenkova and many others have already proved their participation. Click on a link HERE to join the event, don't forget to invite your friends, and stay tuned! LIKE, comment or share - as you will be the main judge!
In the meantime, while we all are still in anticipation of BALTIC SHOWROOM 2014, I suggest you to check out the members of three previous projects - BALTIC SHOWROOM 2013BALTIC SHOWROOM 2012 and BALTIC SHOWROOM 2011 (click on the name to go to the gallery and check each participant out).

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For more information: InfoBalticShowroom@gmail.com