The time of total peace and mind refreshment. 
By a happy coincidence, this week turned to be a little holiday. Not the real one, of course, when you can wallow around the bed all the time.
Having put my responsibilities regarding the main project aside for some time, about which I haven't talked much yet, but I promise to fix that and introduce the project to you, I think I could even introduce our "dream team". So, having put my duties aside for some time, I switched for something else. It all started a couple of weeks ago, when I was given my first ever task for a magazine. It resulted in an article in a popular weekly magazine LUBLU!, with material being collected by me and my name as the author. You know, to write an article using a certain number of characters/words is not an easy task at all, even if your aim is to give an advice to all women across the country on where to go in order to be aware of the fashion life in Riga. As a result I had even more events and information than I could fit in. Of course I was pleasantly surprised with the result, it turned to look even better than I expected. Anyway, it's an experience, this kind of experience which means a lot!
What I'm doing at the moment is as well related to journalism, but not directly and you won't even find my name there. But again, it's experience. I'm not going to tell out loud what it is, at least now. Just like I'm not ready to talk about another project I'm about to get involved with. Only thing I can say, it's going to be something similar to what I'm doing here. But it's all about time and patience, patience and time.
And a couple of words about today's look. As I have stated many time before, the combination of jeans-loafers-beige colors is one of my favorite ones. Together or separately, I mean in combination with other pieces, they will always look great, In this case, the look turned to be very laid-back and casual. If desired, can easily be transformed into more formal or elegant one, simply by replacing, for example, loafers and jeans with heels and classic trousers.

Look of the Day:
Atmosphere top
Atmosphere jeans
Reserved Collection faux leather/suede jacket
HOLLY & WHYTE animal print loafers
H&M sunglasses
Fiorelli Belinda Grab handbag