Playing with colors. Playing with prints. Playing with headscarf. 

Yes, it's all about it. Today's look. As a result of mixing completely random stuff together, trust me it's absolutely random, that's what happened. The first association that comes to my mind, when I look at the pictures is Indian Summer (now that's funny how different the name is in English, as in Russian we call "Women's Summer"). Do you know that according to one of the versions, the term originates from peasant's life? It is said that "Indian Summer" is the period, when peasant women did put aside their work in the fields and switched for home duties. 
In my look there is something from peasant's style. Can you guess what it is? It's the style in which I wore this scarf. Yes, the style is called peasant. That's the connection to Indian Summer. Now it's clear, why this association came to my mind.
And once again it came as a surprise, when I found out how big my collection of scarves is. Colors, prints, sizes - just choose what you want! Moreover, considering how many there are to use a scarf in a creation of a look. On the head, around the neck, like a cape to cover shoulders or as an accessory to complement a bag and many more. Let's be honest, I commit a real crime, when leave such an important element unattended!
Let us go back to the topic of today's look. And again, the set came out pretty randomly, by combining pieces with different textures and prints together. Who would have ever thought that three contrasting prints can look tremendously great together. A little more of bright color in shoes and lipstick, a couple of accessories and voila! Urban peasant is just right in front of you! 

Look of the Day:
H&M striped top
TOPSHOP trousers in print
Reserved Collection faux leather/suede jacket
H&M flats
Gogo Philip chain necklace
New Look croc print flap saddle