From year to year, from century to century. From generation to generation. 

What I really appreciate are things that I find in a secret boxes of my grandmothers. There is something special in a possession of such vintage pieces. Moreover, there's always a special story behind each of such items... This is my mom's prom dress, that dress was worn by my grandmother, when she was in her 20-ies, but this blouse...
The most valuable and close to my heart is jewelry. Family jewelry that was passed down through generations. First of all, show me a woman, who doesn't like jewelry. Secondly, it's again an honor to be the owner of a piece that once was worn by your great grandmother.
I remember, I was 15, when granny presented me a gift. It was a bracelet and, as it turned out, it was once own by my granny's grandmother, i.e. my great great grandmother! That's the real family heirloom. I can't say that at the age of 15 I realized the significance of such gift, it came to me later. 
A couple of months ago it was already my aunty, who passed a family jewelry to me. The velvet ribbon with pearl pendant it was. Very feminine and aristocratic. It was acquired by my great grandmother in the 1950-s. Neither more nor less, but the velvet ribbon spent more than half a century with my family. If only great grandmother knew that the jewelry will come to my hands and I, probably, like no one else will be able to appreciate it...
According to the tradition, I couldn't leave such a beauty aside for too long. All I needed was the right atmosphere. Rundale Palace turned to be such a place. The majesty of Baroque and picturesque fountain became a perfect background. I chose a loose top that was accompanied by freely flying maxi skirt and bold sandal boots in order to frame the pearl. Such a charming and modern-aristocratic look.

Look of the Day:
Reserved top
Asos maxi skirt with thigh split
Asos TRADE sandal boots
H&M sunglasses