Getting my hands on Latvian folk costume was my little dream. 

Yes, you got it right, it was my little dream. I guess, already being a child, when I saw young girls, who participated in various national festivals, my mind began to get attracted to folk costume. Of course, I'm not a representative of Latvian native population, but female folk costume doesn't only cause my interest, but also purely positive emotions. What am I saying, I'm totally crazy about ethnic elements. Whether it's Chinese qipao, Russian pavloposadsky scarf, Indian sari, etc. It's like an invisible link with the past, link with the basics of the culture.
Why I decided to create a look with Latvian folk costume only now? Simply because I couldn't find this costume. Of course you can head to the store and get yourself a costume, but on the other hand, why would you? I, personally, don't take part in Song and Dance Festival, or in popular Ligo celebrations. Thus, the costume will simply stay in the closet most of the time and gather dust. Although now it doesn't seem such a strange idea to have such a costume in my arsenal.
After a long search in friend's and acquaintance's wardrobes, I found it! Shirt with beautiful ethnic embroidery and vest are authentic and once belonged to a Latvian family, whose descendants emigrated abroad. By the way, the symbol on the collar can be dated back to 3-4 century, Perun Cross can be depicted on the costumes of ancient Latvians. This symbol can be found in native symbolism of many other cultures. 
The skirt, in turn, is a fruit of the creativity of the current costume owner. When she got shirt and vest, a very good friend of my family, went to the fabric store and found one that is most similar to authentic skirt. A skilled craftswoman created a skirt out of the fabric, so not everyone are able to distinguish it from the original one.
In order to intrigue you even more, I'll make a little announcement. A few more looks, around three, that I created around a skirt or blouse are waiting to be published. Just a bit of patience. I can say straightaway that look are pretty modern and every girl can boldly create the same ones.

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Latvian Folk Costume
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Photos: T. Egorova