I am happy to present you a new LUSH product range. The new collection is aimed at protecting skin from harmful sun effects. 

As they say, it's better late than never. In Britain the collection was presented in the beginning of the Summer, but it reached Latvia only at the end of August. Thanks to LUSH Latvia I had an opportunity to be among the first ones, who were given a chance to try the new collection out. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to test the products during a real Summer weather. But I'll tell you everything about the collection and each product.
LUSH is a company with 30 years of experience in making natural handmade products. This year, the company presented its customers a completely new and revolutionary collection. Like all other LUSH products, the new range of sunscreen products were also made using natural products in it. An important supplement were synthetic sunscreens with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and UVAPF (UVA Protection Factor).   
An important point. If you remember, in one of the previous posts about LUSH I told you that the company is against animal testing. Thus, all LUSH products are tested in Cantor Labs laboratory that is located in New Jersey, USA. It is run by doctor Shyla Cantor, who, among other things, is vegetarian. So on who do they test products, if not on animals? On human volunteers. What was the process of sunscreen products testing? A product was applied to a small patch of human skin and then exposed to UV radiation with a broad spectrum. After results analysis, each product is given a protection factor - SPF or UVAPF.
More information on each product you can find below.
P.S. Your humble servant played the role of a photographer this time. I decided not to make any special compositions, rather preferred minimalism. The smaller, the better. The main thing is product itself and its advantages, isn't it?

SESAME SUNTAN sunscreen lotion

Composition of this body lotion with SPF 10 protection level includes sesame oil and walnut leaf infusion, Colombian organic cocoa butter and aloe extract. Due to the above mentioned components, straight after the lotion application an output of melanin will increase, so your skin will immediately be ready to tan. The lotion will soothe and nourish your skin, while pleasant smell will create a good mood.
Don't forget that a protective layer of lotion needs to be renewed every 2 hours!

MILLION DOLLAR bionic facial moisturiser

Want to be a million dollar baby? Then this cream is what you need! Cream with SPF 30 protection level is filled with such valuable ingredients, as sesame oil, honey, shea butter and jojoba oil, lavender oil, ground almonds, sesame seeds and cereals. The cream will not only give a natural glow to your face and even the tone out, but also protect it from strong sun exposure.
Seductive aroma and pleasant texture will make a renewing process, that should take place every 2 hours, a real pleasure. 

THE SUNBLOCK solid sunscreen wash

Sunblock with SPF 30 protection level contains many beneficial ingredients - calamine powder, sesame oil, chamomile oil, rose absolute, cocoa butter. It needs to be used right during bath or shower procedures. Simply apply product on wet skin and rinse. It will give you a protection for the whole day. Moreover, you will need only one third of the bar at a time. 


Photos: A. Puzova

More information about products on www.lush.co.uk and www.lush.lv